The most useful business tool ever


$150.00 plus $25.00 per month. Pay your balance of $575.00 within the year.

As a business person you owe it to your business and to yourself to learn and use this new technology.  This is the best open source solution to manage the web, ecommerce, email automation, management and accounting.       

This will become your most powerful computer and a more effective way of doing business. Server data base technology able to consolidate all business needs under one roof, one single technological paradigm. Free, open source, secure, sortable, and permanent.  

Todays advanced technology is no longer something we purchase. It is either a service we are provided or something we learn and participate with.  

This will set you up, and get you started building the custom system you need for your business. Then, we can do everything for you, or can teach you how to do this yourself.    

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