We make difficult things easy


In our complicated world of ever advancing technology, we can keep you one step ahead.

It's not just a website, it's a complex database tool that can run all aspects of your business. Secure systems for customer relations, email automation, accounting, inventory and tracking of data. Built form the same core software that is used by Google, Yahoo, Amazon and all others that must have truly secure and adaptable systems.        

We see the future of computing as an open source platform built on a single custom database, specific to your needs. Online business tools that go far beyond the standard concept of a website or PC based systems.

Let us show you what work we can do for you.

Easy to use, low cost, secure and effective.

All we build is open source, our software is licensed for your free use. We provide the technical assistance you need to take the best advantage of the various software modules that are now available.  

Open source software is free, but in order to get the most out of it you must become involved. This technology is in constant evolution, we keep up with changes to assure that your application is always the best it can be.

Our social media community websites, are free to use and will permit you, and the people that work for you, to become more familiar with this new technology. 

We hope you will let us show you how to adapt these new applications to your business, work place, and personal needs.

Contact us and let us help you to create your first piece of content. Start learning this new technology today!

$150.00 plus $25.00 per month. Pay your balance of $575.00 within the year.

As a business person you owe it to your business and to yourself to learn and use this new technology.  This is the best open source solution to manage the web, ecommerce, email automation, management and accounting.       

Your most powerful computer and a more effective way of doing business. Server data base technology able to consolidate all business needs under one roof, one single technological paradigm. Free, open source, secure, sortable, and permanent.  

This will set you up, and get you started building the custom system you need for your business. Then, we can do everything for you, or can teach you how to do this yourself.    

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