Control and reap the benefits.   

With social media you are the product, why don't you benefit form a business that profits from your activity?   

Let me ask you some more questions...

1. If you can choose what to do with the income at Facebook, is that better?

2. If you have total control of your data, the information you post, is that better?

3. If you have all your business tools on the same type platform as the social media you use, Is that better? 

4. If you can get a job at Facebook working from home is that a better Facebook?

We fail to see the forest for the trees, the real value of open source technology is in the collaborative system that created it. 

Metroecho as social media operates as open source does. This means that you as a customer and as a user can participate at any level of the management of the social media you use. You are in control!  ...granted, in common with other users.

In an open environment, no one can get away with taking the wrong path because all eyes will take note. This is what makes open source the best software there is today. 

Beyond the greater control of your personal data, these community sites build data and traffic that you can now use for you social projects or in business. Tools are built into our sites that permit social organization and business users to use data for marketing, demographics and the many other possibilities that have not been conceived of yet.  

Sites create local jobs! Social media built and run by people in your community.

Surely you will come up with even more innovative business opportunities that can be done with this ever evolving technology.