Our company offers a web based processor for personal or business use that runs from a single database and provides the means to securely manage data and interact with other internet and cloud applications. This tool provides a variety of advanced solutions that in the past were financially out of reach to small business. These cutting edge solutions are built on top of one core software architecture. A single, flexible, programmable and open source environment that can adapt and grow with your future business needs. 

Community sites with a many functions

Community sites are free and serve to teach how to use this new technology. Sites are user managed, providing data and tools that can used for business, social, and personal needs. For more information on how to get one of these sites for your community or learning how to use the software functions please visit...    How To Build Community     

Individual sites for business, how we provide you with this evolving technology...

Initial consultation  Our service begins with an initial consultation, which is free.  We then set the parameters of what the basic configuration of your application will demand.

 A custom core application is built     $725.00  At this point you have a website, yet its an advanced database, a networking tool and much more. We build all applications from this custom core that is set up for your specific needs. This includes 5 hours of one on one instruction and/or adding custom features for your application.

This is only where it starts These sites can be very costly, what we offer is only a basic set up, that you can develop yourself, or have Drupal experts develop for you. We provide guidance, advice and training. 

 Once you basic core site is set up we add features and make changes as your needs require.  Sites are constantly innovating, they are adapting to your business needs. New features are added as the technology changes, and new employees need training. As new articles and products are posted to the site, we can do as much or as little as you like. This is the inner beauty of open source, it belongs to you, if you wish you can do this all yourself, in house, or you can outsource to us, and others.  For this, we hope to build an ongoing relationship with you keeping things running well and up to date. These additional services are provided on a per ticket (event) basis.

SERVICE FEE  $250.00 per year or $25.00/MO  SERVICE INCLUDES...

1. Hosting  plus one domain name.  

2. Provide ongoing development.

3. Lessons and instruction.

4. Site maintenance.

Can't afford it?  Start for only $150.00     All questions please  Contact Us  

How we operate

Metroecho consists of four site types, each for a distinct use.

Administration  A wiki style problem solving site that handles global administration of the company, CRM, Ledger and other modules integrate to provide an online management platform. Finance, accounting and client services are administered here
Information  Local e-commerce sites, marketing literature, "how to" information, sequenced mailers, and newsletters. All sales related tasks are addressed through these sites. 
Community Sites designated by county provide social media, local advertising and are the showcase for software and the services provided by our company. Local income opportunities are maximized through these sites.
Political  This is a new start up for us. Our hope is to build free sites for local political institutions that integrate well with each others database. We think this will provide the tools for a new political frontier.   

The central purpose of all these sites is to provide a service to users, to get this job done we look for sales people, marketers, and manages that will move these ideas forward. The Drupal.org site does a fine job of building the technical aspect of the software, we provide marketing and service. We hope to also provide bottom up financing for Drupal development.